3 comments on “The Man in the High Castle

  1. I would argue that the end is an ending of sorts. The creation of “American” art — that scene is very important, it marks a departure from Japanese cultural hegemony (in this case, their obsession with objects of the American past, rather than the American present).

  2. Thanks for the comment – I agree, and should have been clearer. I would have liked some sort of resolution to the narrative, even if it was a hopeless one…from what I understand the Amazon series is attempting to do that…

    The move towards authentic American art is the sort of touch that made Dick’s work brilliant, imo, and that desperation for us to move from what clearly looked (and looks) like a dystopian path to something more thoughtful, hopeful, and less commercial resonates in me…

    • Oh, it’s a very, shall I say, “literary” ending which relies more on metaphor that narrative conclusiveness… And yeah, that is indeed what makes him brilliant.

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