4 comments on “The Joys of Pen and Ink

  1. I’ve seen Torchlight on steam. Is it a good enough game to invest a little cash into? I’m not a big gamer at all, but I do like having a game handy just for those handful of moments each year that I feel the urge.
    Or if you have a post on Torchlight already…

    • I haven’t written on Torchlight by itself, but I have mentioned it in other posts. I didn’t play the original game – Torchlight 2 is the one I have played.

      It sounds like your game playing habits are perfect for Torchlight 2. It auto-saves, so you don’t lose any progress no matter where you’re at, and it’s definitely the sort of game that you can pick up for an hour or two and not lose a sense of narrative or progress. I think I paid $19.99 for it, and I easily got that much enjoyment from the game.

      I hope that helps!

      • That helps tremendously. I’m a casual “casual gamer’s” gamer, so that T2 does sound perfect.
        I just want to keep my toes in the computer game world so I can intelligently scream and holler and shake my cane at the new stuff 🙂

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